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nomnomnomming on noms.in

Around Christmastime, I flew over to Thailand for a week of vacation in Phang Nga and a couple weeks of work, play and eating in Chiang Mai. 

In Chiang Mai, I was visiting Dietrich Ayala, who described to me one of his major frustrations with living in Southeast Asia.  It seems that most websites featured recommended restaurants that catered to the western palate, like burger joints, Irish pubs and Starbucks.  He pitched me the idea of creating a concise curated list of foodie destinations for each of the cities he visited in his travels.

Food is my kryptonite.  No matter how hard I try to turn down an offer to build a food-evangelical web service, my mind simply won’t stop racing until I just do it. I had already become known in some circles for maintaining a list of restaurant recommendations for a few cities, and it only made sense for me to publish this list somewhere besides my blog

So when Dietrich found that the domain name noms.in was available, he gobbled it up, and we set out to work. 

We enlisted the help of Crystal Beasley, who put her outstanding design touches on the site.  Without her vision, the site would not look near as edible as it does.  Bravo, Miss Beasley!

In the spirit of keeping things concise, I’ll leave you with the elevator pitch and let you dig in for yourself:

You are visiting a new city for 48 hours.  Here is where you will eat.  http://noms.in