Ryan Snyder


Joining BankSimple

For the past 2 years, I’ve been working with Mozilla to help push its mission forward — doing whatever it takes to create a better web.  It’s been wonderful to work with such a group of selfless individuals who are all focused on creating technologies that enhance the web, while fighting for users’ privacy and rights in the process.
A month ago, Alex Payne called me while I was awaiting my flight from DCA to SFO, and he asked if I was interested in coming aboard BankSimple.  I told him I hadn’t considered leaving Mozilla, but to be honest, it was the only company for which I would entertain leaving.  I’d had a chance to meet many of the team members — not only do they have resumes packed with accomplishments and successful ventures, but when I look in their eyes, I know they mean it when they state they are building a bank that puts its customers first.

I’ve listened to the frustrations of friends and family over the years, all helpless in their search to find a monetary institution that cares.  In July I’ll be joining BankSimple, which means I now have the chance to build one.

I’ll be performing product and project management under the role of Project Lead.  My sole task is to launch BankSimple.

Let’s do this.